The 1960s were a period of revolutionary offensive play in both leagues, and both leagues practiced a substantially similar style of football highlighted by an aggressive, attacking, long-ball passing game that attempted to stretch defenses vertically.

The 1960s marked the start of a golden era at Alabama.

Under the leadership of the legendary Bear Bryant, who arrived in Tuscaloosa in 1958, the Crimson Tide enjoyed a dominant decade in the SEC.
During that remarkable ten-year run, Bryant's Tide compiled an utterly remarkable record of 85-12-3--good for a winning percentage of .865, best in the nation. The Tide won five more games in the 1960s than anyone else in the country. Texas was the nation's second-best during the 1960s, with a winning percentage of .810.

1960ís Winner
1960  Joe Bellino
1961  Ernie Davis
1962  Terry Baker
1963  Roger Staubach
1964  John Huarte
1965  Mike Garrett
1966  Steve Spurrier
1967  Gary Beban
1968  O.J. Simpson
1969  Steve Owens

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1960's Heisman Trophy Winners

In the 1960s, college football enjoyed a brief period of prosperity and relative calm. In the fall of 1966, 33 million viewers watched a fierce struggle between Michigan State and Notre Dame, the college game's version of the Giants-Colts showdown in 1958. ABC's innovations in telecasting and the advent of color television brought more revenue and recognition to big-time teams and their coaches.
Heisman Trophy Winners