Charles White

Coach John Robinson stated, "Charlie is simply the most competitive athlete I've ever seen." Incredibly, as USC's all-purpose back, White averaged 30 to 40 carries a game. Against Notre Dame, he scored 4 touchdowns, carrying 44 times and rushing for for 261 yards. In his regular season career he rushed for 5,598 yards, and 6,245 yards including Bowl Games. In his lifetime, he averaged 5.4 yards per carry; caught 59 passes for 541 yards, scored 53 touchdowns - a PAC 10 record. He holds a total of 22 records in NCAA, PAC 10, and USC.
In his senior year, he led the nation with an average of 194.1 yards per game. In the last ten games of his senior year, White averaged 201 yards rushing per game.
Charles White's dominating victory prevented Billy Sims from becoming the second two-time Heisman winner. White won all six sections and registered more than 900 points over Sims.

The Heisman Trophy won by Charles White was sold for $293,750 in a 2008 sports auction.  In 2009, it was placed on eBay, but did not sell since it had not met its reserve price of $299,999.99
Charles wasnít the one that sold the trophy in either auction.  He hawked it years ago.
"That thing's been gone a long time," says the former USC tailback, who won college football's most coveted individual honor in 1979. "I needed some money for my five kids when I got out of football. I had to do something. . . .

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