Eric Crouch

At 6-feet 1-inch and 200 pounds, Eric Crouch is the third Cornhusker to capture the Heisman, following 1972 winner Johnny Rodgers and 1983 winner Mike Rozier. Crouch is the all-time record holder for total offense in the Big 12 with 7,915. He is the 13th player in NCAA Division 1-A history to run and throw for more than 1,000 yards in a season. Crouch entered his senior season with 2,319 rushing yards and 41 touchdowns which was already more than any other Nebraska quarterback.

Crouch kept adding to his totals with 1,510 passing yards and 1,115 rushing through 12 games. His 18 rushing touchdowns in 2001 brought his career total to 59 while his seven touchdown passes gave him 29 for his career. Crouch ran for more that 100 yards a half-dozen times, and guided his team into the national top 10 all three years he was at the helm of the offense. After graduation from the University of Nebraska, Crouch was drafted in the third-round by the St. Louis Rams.

Nebraska quarterback Eric Crouch edged out sophomore quarterback Rex Grossman of Florida by a mere 62 points, the closest margin since 1985 when Bo Jackson beat Chuck Long by 45 points.
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