Pete Dawkins

Pete Dawkins posed a double threat as a runner and a left-handed passer. In three years, he rushed for 1,123 yards, threw 16 passes, seven for touchdowns, caught 27 passes for 716 yards and scored 158 points, leading the Cadets to an undefeated season.

In his Heisman season, the 6-foot-1, 210-pound Dawkins rushed for 428 yards and scored 12 touchdowns. During his three seasons at Army, he rushed for 1,123 yards, caught 27 passes for 716 yards, threw seven touchdown passes and scored 158 points.
Academically, Dawkins also was a superstar, winning a Rhodes Scholarship and going on to study philosophy, politics and economics at Oxford. Before that, he was Brigade Commander, president of his class, captain of the football team and a Star Man (in the top 5 percent of his class academically) -- the only cadet in West Point history to hold all four honors at once.

Army star Pete Dawkins won only in the East but still swept the field with 296 first place votes to 198 for Billy Cannon of LSU and 194 for Randy Duncan of Iowa.
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