Vinny Testaverde

Vinny Testaverde, the incomparable quarterback of the University of Miami, is the 52nd winner of college football's premier individual award, The Heisman Trophy. Oklahoma's Barry Switzer, said, In 21 years, I have never seen a better quarterback." Through the first nine games of the 1986 season, Vinny had completed 154 passes in 242 attempts with only eight interceptions. He is, in addition, Miami's all-time leader in career touchdown passes, with 46.
Heisman Trophy Winners
Miami quarterback Vinny Testaverde's 1,541-point margin of victory over Temple running back Paul Palmer is the fifth highest in Heisman history. Testaverde equaled Doug Flutie's 678 first place votes, with the second highest amount going to Holy Cross two-day star Gordon Lockbaum, who had 32 and finished fifth overall.
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